Australia is the world’s smallest continent and largest island. It is like nowhere else in the world. It has unique animals and a fantastic climate and offers a wide range of cruise experiences including Small Ships visiting the Barrier Reef and the Kimberley region.


An island cruise lets you experience the true spirit of an Hawaiian vacation where the ancient culture and enchanting beauty of the islands combine with the allure of the sea to create an unforgettable Hawaiian experience. Venture into a hidden paradise of lush emerald valleys, spectacular waterfalls, smoldering volcanoes and secluded beaches.

South Pacific & New Zealand

These regions are very popular and a great way to visit multiple Islands with a wide range of major cruise lines to choose from.

At some time in our lives we’d all love to leave our footprints on a white sand beach in Fiji, Noumea, Vanuatu, or Tahiti or enjoy the magnificent scenery of New Zealand.

European Rivers

Europe has so many navigable rivers that offer wonderful river cruise experiences.
The Danube is the key to river cruising in Europe as the great river crosses from Germany through Serbia, Austria and Hungary into Romania before emptying into the Black Sea. It offers the greatest range of river cruise itineraries.
The Saone and Rhone Rivers let you explore the famed region of Burgundy, the lavender-scented hills of Provence and the wild, majestic scenery of the Ardeche region.
The Seine is of course the river that Paris sits on. Cruise along the Seine from Paris, through the historic heart of Normandy, to the endless beaches of the Atlantic Coast.


Alaska and Canada’s West Coast is one of the world’s last great true frontiers, an unspoiled wilderness of glimmering glaciers, abundant forests, towering mountains, exotic wildlife, and water front communities.

Alaska is a destination full of Native American culture and Russian influence, a step back in time to the days of gold rush saloons and oil booms. Alaska, simply put, is a once in a lifetime, dream holiday. The geography of Alaska also means that a cruise is simply the best way to experience the range of places, sights and towns of this amazing destination.


The Mediterranean is so enthralling, and is both a haven for nature’s glory and a veritable treasure trove of history. Once you experience it and behold all its treasures, you will never be the same. See it once and the memories forever embrace your soul. 
A cruise holiday in the Mediterranean, the world’s largest inland sea, gives you the opportunity to experience the variety the area has to offer; from the cosmopolitan cities of Spain and France in the Western Mediterranean to Italy, Sardinia, Greece, and Egypt in the Central and Eastern Med.

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