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Alaska is a land of superlatives. Nicknamed ‘The Last Frontier’, it’s the realm of bald eagles, grizzlies, orcas, alpine peaks, and glacier-carved fjords. From bear viewing in Denali National Park with the backdrop of Mt McKinley to paddle boarding through a sea of icebergs in the Inside Passage; meeting unique native Alaskans from whom you’ll absorb the traditional music to visiting the isolated town of Barrow, the northernmost point on the North American continent, Alaska is a place of unimaginable scale.

DENALI NATIONAL PARK Denali National Park is home to Alaska’s “Big Five”; bears, wolves, dall sheep, caribou and moose. This thriving landscape is backed by the dominating Mt McKinley, one of the most amazing sights in Alaska.

GLACIER BAY Alaska’s classic beauty can be found exploring the Inside Passage. These splendid waterways begin in the dense forested coastlines of the Pacific Northwest and continue to Juneau, Skagway and Glacier Bay.

ARCTIC CIRCLE For many visitors, crossing the Arctic Circle is a memorable moment. The Inupiat town of Barrow is home to one of the largest Eskimo communities. This far north, the sun doesn’t set for 82 days, shining from around May 10th to August 2nd.

SMALL SHIP CRUISES Small ships show you what other cruises cannot. Explore the inner reaches of Alaska’s amazing fjords, sail so close to glaciers you can almost touch them, and get up-close to the shoreline to experience the wildlife.


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