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While the World is on ‘lockdown’ we can only be keep dreaming about our next holiday…..while we think Australia and the South Pacific borders may open first – we are still a long way off. However to help you get inspired we just want to show you want we offer.

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top 3 travel tips

So you have booked your next AMAZING holiday and you are ready to set off… these are out 3 TOP TRAVEL TIPS to keep you safe!


Keep photo/scans of your passport and other essential documentation including accommodation addresses/phone numbers in your phone in an easy access folder OR a travel journal (or both)


It is so important to research your destination before you go - this gives you a connection with the sights/areas that you will visit, plus also ensure you have cultural sensitivities. Learning the basics of the local language will also get you far!

keep in touch

Ensure you have given someone your full itinerary which shows where you are/contact information every step of the way. Check in with your go-to regularly.

I must give a testimonial about lovely Shannell, whom I have worked with for years on all my travel needs, business and personal. She is fantastic at being spot on with an travel request which I have and before I know all has been arranged efficiently and I can sit back and enjoy the journey without worries. Except for packing!! We all need to feel comfortable with whom we talk to assist us in bringing our plans into focus. And with this lady, she will help give you a clear picture of what you are wanting to achieve. I cannot speak highly enough about her professional expertise as well her relaxed persona which radiates. You'll like this lady, trust me! Enjoy your time with her in helping to create your journey.